Counseling/Therapy - Our team of State Licensed Providers offer psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults in one-on-one and/or group settings. Psychotherapy sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our sessions include Individual (one-on-one) Therapy, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, and Group Therapy. Individual Therapy provides you with the privacy to discuss more personal issues that may not arise with others present and gives you the opportunity to work on yourself; Family and Couple Therapy allow for the resolution of issues with others to help improve communication and strengthen relationships; and Group Therapy sessions gives you the added support of a peer group.


S.O. Therapy (Sexual Offenders) - Our Head Therapist is certified by the SOMB, by waiver, to be a Senior Therapist for S.O. Therapy. In addition, several other therapists with OLA have applied to become Associate level therapists for S.O. Therapy. All of our therapists have been extensively involved in working with adolescents in a variety of capacities such as: adolescent probation officers, school resource officers, sex offender treatment programs for adolescents, etc.  They will discretely help you overcome past tendencies so that you can look forward to the future with greater hope and commitment. 


CM - Case Management, also known as service coordination, provides you with an advocate to help meet your specific needs. You will receive the help you need if you have a limited ability to arrange services for yourself. This service can assist both adults and children in arranging and gaining access to psychiatric, medical, social and educational services (including transportation, arranging appointments, SSI benefits, housing assistance, and more). The goal of Case Management is to help you get the support you need while striving to increase your ability to be independent.


CBRSCommunity Based Rehabilitation Services, formerly known as PSR (PsychoSocial Rehabilitation), aims to help you develop and implement daily living skills to gain independence in school, work, the community and family life. CBRS promotes active participation with others in the community and in the home to provide a higher level of satisfaction both socially and mentally.


Payee  Services - This provides financial management assistance to individuals who may be otherwise unable to manage their own money.  Our primary goal is to ensure that monthly benefits are recieved and that those benefits are utlized to appropriately and comfortably cover the necessities.


Aftercare - Our aftercare program means that you will have plenty of time to transition away from services towards the end of your stay with OLA.  We will assure that you are equipped with all of the necessary knowledge and resources to succeed on your on and will make sure that you have no questions or concerns before becoming an independent community member upon graduating out of our program(s).